WT Forms New Partnership Creating Cultural Organization for Texas Panhandle

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) – West Texas A&M is working with the Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation and the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum to create a new organization called the Cultural Foundation of the Texas Panhandle.

The organization, which has been under construction for over a year, aims to preserve the history of begging.

WT chairman Dr Walter Wendler came up with the idea, saying he considers the Panhandle to be the foundational roots of Texas.

“The Panhandle is a mirror of the larger culture of Texas. When people think of the West, some think of Houston, Dallas and they are indeed part of the West, ”said Dr. Wendler. “But, when they think of the West, they think of a place like the Texas Panhandle.

For Cultural Foundation of the Texas Panhandle committee chair J Pat Hickman, this project is personal. He grew up cycling to the museum and working on plays.

“The early years of the Texas play, even before Texas, I was helping out in the amphitheater. I was on the host team and sold programs there and I knew all the cast and crew and all the people who started it all, ”Hickman said.

From now on, he will have a say in the future of the two.

Most people in the Panhandle have seen or visited these attractions, but he and other board members believe this partnership could go beyond.

“It will definitely expand our footprint, not just in this region, but across the state and the country. So that’s just going to allow us to have a bigger megaphone to really amplify what’s here. said Mark Hodges, chairman of the board of the Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation

The musical already attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Since the main goal of the partnership is to preserve the history of the Panhandle, Dr Wendler believes that adapting to new technologies could be an answer.

“One of the things that I hope will happen is that the artifacts available in the museum are available in digital form. Like you come to the Smithsonian or the British Museum or any other museum in the country and the world, ”Dr Wendler said. “It’s pretty valuable and we’ll try to find a way to digitize everything. “

Dr Wendler adds that they are also looking to make parts of the outdoor musical drama, Texas, available online.

After a tough year for entertainment, they hope the partnership and their new ideas will catapult an interest in Panhandle’s story and provide a financial boost to the region.

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