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The Sagan Kotturan CHAmoru Cultural Center has been without power since its inception in 2006. The high cost of electrical installation for the nine existing structures on the 9-acre property in Tamuning has left the center in the dark.

But on November 10, Got Your 671, a local veterans organization, and local veterans-owned company J. Goodman got together to light the center with solar lights.

“Currently the center does not have electricity. We actually run on low intensity solar lights. The fact that J. Goodman donates lights to Marianas, an organization we work with, is great because of course the need for light is very important, especially because we can have nocturnal activities, ”said Raphael Unpincgo, president of Inadahen i Lina’la ‘Kotturan CHAmoru Inc., which serves as the steward of the cultural center.

The cultural center is on the grounds of the CHAmoru Land Trust and although the center has running water, electricity was too expensive for the non-profit organization to install.

Ten years ago, it cost about $ 52,000 to run lines to each of the site’s nine structures, he said.

For years the cultural center has worked around the issue of electricity with limited hours of operation during the day and the use of generators and solar power.

Options to resolve the issue are being discussed, such as going off the grid, Unpingco said, “but the donation of solar street lights has helped alleviate some of the costs.”

Dwayne San Nicolas, an Army veteran and owner of J. Goodman, donated six flagship 150-watt solar street lights and 400-watt spotlights.

“The lights are very bright. The only reason they are so popular is that they last a long time and are very bright. If they turn on low wattage lights there, it will really brighten up. the place, “San Nicolas mentioned.

San Nicolas said he was trying to work with local veterans organizations on community projects.

“I know how difficult it is to face and come back from where they were deployed and try to make sense of their return, which is why I am doing it,” said San Nicolas.

It matched Got Your 671’s solar light donation, who saw the issue and led the charge. Now the cultural center has 12 lights.

“A unique collaboration”

“A few weeks ago, GY671 President John Concepcion and Aco Marianas President Roman Dela Cruz met to discuss a unique collaboration. events and organizations such as Acho Marianas. The Acho organization offers courses that teach the ancient art of the slingshot, ”said Roy Gamboa, vice president of GY671.

Dela Cruz is also co-founder of Fokai Industries, which intends to launch a “Support the Troops” line. Gamboa said working together is a great way to get things started.

“Last Saturday, members of GY671 arrived at Saggan Kotturan CHAmoru and cut the grass and trim the tallest brush all over the property. After discovering that the property had water but no electricity, GY671 contacted J. Goodman to purchase solar street lights. said Gamboa.

The Sagan Kotturan CHAmoru cultural center in Tumon is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Saturday. The center is closed on public holidays.

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