Turkey targets cultural organization of jailed activist

AL-MUKALLA: Marib will not surrender to Iranian-backed Houthi militias, the Yemeni president said on Monday.

Addressing the nation on the eve of Yemen’s 54th anniversary of independence, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi said the Houthis, with help from Tehran, had launched aggressive assaults on the city of Marib for months and rejected all international peace initiatives to end the war in Yemen. .

“Yemen is facing a purely Iranian project that targets faith, religion and homeland, and aims to strike… our Arab nation using… Houthi militias who have agreed to be a cheap tool to tear the nation apart” Hadi said, noting that government troops and local tribes were “burying” Houthi fighters in the Marib deserts and not allowing them to take control of the strategic city.

“Marib, the gateway to the defense of the Arabian Peninsula, will not fall, and their project will fall before the strength of our heroes, and its deserts will bury the dreams of their (Iranian) masters.”

The Yemeni leader has long accused the Iranian regime of supporting the Houthis with weapons and funds that fuel the militia’s expansion in the face of heavy attacks from government forces and the Arab coalition.

The president lambasted the Houthis for launching a parallel economic war that led to the rapid devaluation of the Yemeni riyal and aggravating economic collapse.

“The militia launches a fierce economic attack to influence the national currency by all dirty methods, and (created) a shadow economy that thrives on the livelihoods of the people, aid in looting, smuggling and trade on the black market, ”he said, referring to the Houthis. the ban on the use of new banknotes printed by the internationally recognized government in Aden; and the rebels’ reluctance to deposit state revenues into the country’s central bank.

“We will continue our struggle until we reestablish the state, end the coup and these militias submit to peace and national consensus.”

The Yemeni riyal broke a record high on Tuesday, hitting 1,600 riyals against the US dollar. The riyal was trading at nearly 700 against the dollar in January.

Hadi’s pledges to face political, economic and military challenges came as the Arab coalition announced on Tuesday it was carrying out a new wave of airstrikes targeting military sites in Sana’a and other Houthi-held locations .

Coalition fighter jets have struck several military sites in Sana’a, including a site invaded by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the coalition said in a statement released by the Saudi News Agency.

In a separate statement, the coalition announced on Tuesday afternoon that it carried out an airstrike on a military training camp for the Houthis in the Mahliyah district, south of Marib, killing more than 60 fighters.

Local media sites such as Al-Sahil Al-Gharbi reported that a hospital in the Houthi-controlled town of Radaa, Al-Bayda province, received the bodies of 34 Houthis killed in strikes air strikes in the same district, adding that other airstrikes had destroyed military reinforcements. direction the battlefields south of Marib.

Yemeni army spokesman Major General Abdu Abdullah Majili told Arab News on Tuesday that Houthi missile and drone strikes on Marib areas have been reduced since the start of intensive coalition airstrikes. against missile depots and drone workshops in Sana’a.

“The successful strikes destroyed ballistic missile and drone shops and workshops, and led to a reduction in ballistic missile fire at populated areas,” Majili said.

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