The LSS and the Multicultural Center sign a letter of intent to merge

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – Sioux Falls Multicultural Center and Lutheran Social Services plan to move into the future as one organization. The two associations signed a letter of intent to merge, launching the process that would see their missions combine.

This announcement comes after a 60-day exploration process by leaders of both organizations. Both MCC and LSS serve the diverse communities of Sioux Falls with complementary services, and leaders from both organizations believe that aligning efforts will result in better outcomes for those they serve. Eliminating duplication of administrative functions creates operational efficiencies and programming synergy to better meet client and community needs.

Acting executive director Laurie Knutson said the Multicultural Center wants to expand its services in the city. But often they are blocked because of the administrative work involved. She said that after months of discussions between the two entities, they believe they can do more work together.

“For a small non-profit organization like the Multicultural Centre, it’s often difficult to get everything right. And to have a back room, and IT, and HR, and finance. All the parts you need to be an organization. Knutson said.

LSS President and CEO Rebecca Kiesow-Knudsen said she has been in conversation with MCC for a few months now. She said there is a lot of overlap between the two organizations when it comes to the services they provide. So it makes sense to start the formal process by seeing what they can do together.

“At this point, we are sufficiently confident that there is synergy between the work that MCC is doing and the work that LSS is doing in the community, that we have decided to sign the Letter of Intent. Which only formalizes our intention to go through this process. said Kiesow-Knudsen.

Both organizations say a potential merger will not mean the loss of services offered by either. Rather, they hope that sharing knowledge and resources will allow them to better serve Sioux Falls.

“We hope that the synergy that comes from two very good organizations with very good missions coming together, that we get that synergy.” Knutson said.

“These efficiencies that can be created by aligning with a non-profit like LSS, I think, give us the potential to grow in many different areas, and deepen the mission and reach of the work of the Multicultural Centre.” said Kiesow-Knudsen.

The letter of intent means that the two organizations will spend the next 60 to 90 days arranging what this merger between the two would look like. Since both are nonprofits, each of their boards will need to approve the plan before it can move forward.

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