The “dream” of a Ukrainian artist exhibited at the Center for Cultural Arts


Svetlana Sevostyanchik’s “Holy News Guardian Angel” is one of her works exhibited at the Cultural Arts Center in Glen Allen. (Courtesy of ACCGA)

For Svetlana Sevostyanchik, an ideal world would be a world without borders.

The artist, originally from Ukraine, exhibits his new pieces at the Cultural Arts Center in Glen Allen from July 15 to September 12.

The exhibition presents three periods in the artistic life of Sevostyanchik and includes an array of abstract paintings, collages and a series of guardian angels. Entitled “I have a dream – A world without borders, “ the exhibition stems from of his love of traveling and visiting other countries and cultures.

Through these trips, Sevostyanchik immersed herself in the culture of each country and became passionate about borders and the importance of living in unison without them. The pieces include some of his personal favorites, such as a depiction of St. Andrew’s Church in Kiev, Ukraine, his hometown.

The collages, which normally take her a month to create, tell the stories of influential people in the countries she has visited. She has a special affection for Great Britain, highlighting figures such as Margaret Thatcher, the Beatles or Charles Darwin.

His painting style, defined as emotional expressionism by the Ukrainian Academy of Arts, tells an emotional story with intense saturation and unexpected object placement. She aims to show the spiritual depth of the subject, with perfect harmony between nature and person, and experiences each creation as if it were part of her soul.

It’s like my own baby, ”she said of her work.

Sevostyanchik has dedicated some of his pieces to Ukraine, including “Angel Guardian Ukraine” and has held eight international exhibitions in Kiev and Lviv, Ukraine, as well as one in the United States. His affinity for painting was perpetuated and encouraged by his grandmother, who supported his passion.

I was born and wanted to paint everywhere ”, Sevostyanchik spoke about his early childhood hobby.

But the artist’s path took another direction – she studied chemistry at university and pursued a scientific career until 15 years ago, when she wondered what she was doing with his life. It was only then that she realized that her passion was to create art and to teach others through art.

Sevostyanchik, who is considered one of the greatest artists of Ukraine, never painted with the aim of receiving accolades; instead, she hopes her plays will bring joy to people and educate the viewer.

Svetlana Sevostyanchik’s “Angel Guardian” is one of her works exhibited at the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center. (Courtesy of ACCGA)

If people have fun with my artwork, they don’t just show their emotions, ”she said,“ they also push to learn something. ”

The exhibit in the Gumenick Family Gallery of the Cultural Arts Center of Glen Allen, which is dedicated to being the region’s center for creativity, the balance between arts and culture, education and entertainment for the community, is free and open to the public.

Sevostyanchik believes that by sharing their creativity with others, artists have the ability to unite the world.

In the 21st century, ”she said,“ our future will not be created by politicians, but by artists themselves. ”

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For more details or to purchase a piece, visit the exhibit at 2880 Mountain Road in Glen Allen or go in line.

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