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CALEXIC — The spirit of Mexican patriotism resonated here on September 13 with the long live mexico Art exhibition and event at the Carmen Durazo Cultural Art Center.

The CDCAC site and the Calexico Recreation Department hosted the second annual event featuring a mix of paintings with traditional Mexican imagery and live performances by the Center’s folkloric ballet dancers, singer Patricia “Patty” Hurtado and Mariachi Aurora by Calexico. The artwork on display was the result of images created by CDCAC office assistant Eduardo Quintero, which were painted by local adults and teens in August for the event.

Although the city of Calexico is not holding a major public event in September 2022 as it has done in recent years outside of a proclamation ceremony held on September 14, the long live mexico the event served as a vehicle for an early celebration of Mexico’s September 16 Independence Day and the September 15 start of National Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States

“This is an attempt to be able to celebrate our heritage, our roots (and) our culture,” said Calexico recreation manager Norma Gerardo.

“We’re a sister city to Mexicali, and we want to make sure we remember where we come from and the mixed cultures we have here in Calexico,” she said.

Gerardo said around 90% of Calexico’s residents are of Mexican descent, so it’s important to “make sure even the younger generations know about the traditions and the culture.”

“It’s important for Mexican Americans to keep our roots in mind,” she said. “We not only celebrate July 4th but also September 16th.”

Quintero accepted.

“Mexican celebrations are always a party, always joyful, always with flowers and music, and on Mexico’s Independence Day, even more so,” he said. “We live here but we are still Mexicans.”

“It’s about maintaining interest and saving all (those aspects of culture) so they don’t disappear,” Quintero said. “This is Mexico.”

The event, open to everyone free of charge, began with the dance performance of the danza folklorico group. Although the group does not yet have an official name, Quintero said the folk dance group becomes the flagship group of the Carmen Durazo Cultural Arts Center and the Calexico Recreation Department.

Singer and staple of Calexico events, Patty Hurtado, sang a mix of traditional and popular songs from Mexico for those in attendance.

Mariachi Aurora from Calexico came in playing “El Son de La Negra”, playing about an hour of mostly traditional mariachi songs from Mexico. Calexico City Councilwoman Gloria Romo also participated in the performance singing the song “Puro Cachanilla”.

Mariachi Aurora’s signature Cumbia Medley made many spectators stand up and dance together in front of the stage at Gerardo’s invitation.

Hurtado closed the event with more songs as live entertainment.

Gerardo and the performers said they received positive feedback on the long live mexico an event.

Gerardo said that not so long ago, the Carmen Durazo Cultural Center for the Arts was only open for certain events or programs. Now, she and Quintero said the CDCAC has varied — some free and some paid — programs for the public to participate in and enjoy.

“I never tire of repeating it: the target of this arts cultural center is the community,” Quintero said, “that’s why we always organize events for them, so that the community grows, or else , at least the interests remain.

“We have a lot of work to do, and we have a desire to work even harder to reach more people in all walks of life,” Quintero said.

“These are opportunities to absorb our culture, our art, our traditions and the flavor of Mexican fiestas,” Gerardo said. “We are rooted together,” she said.

The art of long live mexico The exhibition will be on display at the Carmen Durazo Cultural Arts Center until September 22, according to the event flyer. The Carmen Durazo Cultural Center is located at 421 Heffernan Avenue in Calexico.

For more information about the CDCAC exhibit or classes, contact CDCAC staff by phone at 760-357-5575 or by email at [email protected]

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