Little Mom plays at the Arts Cultural Center

On Saturday, CinemaSavannah returns with a much-anticipated screening of “Petite Maman” from “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” and “Girlhood” director Céline Sciamma.

The film was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in over a dozen countries around the world.

'Petite Maman' is the latest film from French director Céline Sciamma.

Following the death of her beloved grandmother, 8-year-old Nelly accompanies her parents to her mother’s childhood home to begin the difficult process of cleaning up its contents. As Nelly explores the house and nearby woods, she is immediately drawn to a neighbor her age who is building a treehouse. What follows is a tender story of childhood heartbreak, memory and connection.

From Cinematary: “Nothing feels half-baked or needs more time in Little Mommy, instead it feels consistently measured and authentic, which I feel like Sciamma finds more success in as she deepens her career.Where early films like Water Lillies and Tomboy have great moments but sometimes fall into beats and patterns that go nowhere, Little Mama feels like a more focused version of both. while that may seem light next to her two most recent offerings, it still displays that Sciamma is a director to follow wherever she goes.”


What: Little Mum

When: Saturday at 7 p.m.

Where: Savannah Cultural Arts Center, 201 Montgomery St.

Cost: $10 (cash payment, but not required)

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