Kids From Wisconsin receives grant award for COVID-19 cultural organization

Last week, Kids from Wisconsin announced that it had been selected as a recipient of a cultural organization grant.
“Governor Tony Evers recently announced that $ 15 million in COVID-19 cultural organization grants has been awarded to 385 cultural organizations across Wisconsin. The Kids From Wisconsin, one of our most iconic youth groups in the state, has received $ 100,671.00 through this grant program, ”the organization said in a press release on Tuesday November 17th.
“Like small businesses, cultural organizations have taken a financial hit,” Department of Administration (DoA) secretary Joel Brennan said. “We’re all in the same boat. We hope these funds will allow us to enjoy the museums, theaters and music of these organizations once we can do so safely again.”
The COVID-19 Cultural Organizations Grants Program provides grants to non-profit organizations whose primary missions are to produce, present or exhibit cultural disciplines such as music, dance, theater, literature and the visual arts , or objects of environmental or scientific interest. Grants can be used to cover impacts related to the pandemic such as loss of income, increased workers’ compensation costs, cleaning and disinfection, and purchases of services or equipment to facilitate the telecommuting of employees.
“This incredible support will allow Kids From Wisconsin to continue to offer free virtual masterclasses for people of all ages, the ‘Make Your Dream Home’ video series and, most importantly, help fund a program designed for MPS elementary schools. which currently do not provide musical education. said Kids From Wisconsin CEO Tina Weiss. “Reaching out to our community at this time of need is so important. We continue to serve our mission, albeit in a radically different way. We are fortunate to have been able to maintain staff levels to develop a 12-week musical residency for Milwaukee elementary school students called “Music In Me” and an after-school performance program, “Music With My Friends” for children. college students.
The comprehensive program meets Wisconsin state standards and has been introduced to schools in the Milwaukee area as an option to provide music education, free to schools that do not have programs. Kids From Wisconsin will begin the first of many virtual “Music In Me” sessions with an elementary school in January.
“Over 40% of the organization’s income comes from performance fees. Without the type of support offered in this grant, a program of this magnitude could not be made available. Tina added, “The funding for the Cultural Organizations Grant also ensures that we can invest in the technology of the program to stay in touch with students and schools. AND, for the performance side of things KIDS is so well known for, large outdoor venues, statewide, are under consideration to perform during the 2021 touring season.

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