Downtown Cultural Arts Center, an open space to make dreams come true

BALTIMORE – In the heart of downtown Baltimore, there is a space for budding artists to find their voice.

For couples to become husband and wife – budding dancers to perfect their steps.

“It’s a space where kids just come to dream and make their dreams come true,” said Renny Bass.

It’s the fulfillment of Renny Bass’s vision of a home in which Baltimore artists can grow up.

“It was really picking up and it felt like we were integrating into downtown Baltimore,” Bass said.

The pandemic devastated the event location just as they started to beat their pace.

They closed for a short time.

Now at 50% of their capacity, they’re still hosting birthdays, weddings, comedy shows and everything in between at affordable prices.

“Our business is about people and bringing people together,” Bass said. “Once we weren’t able to bring people together, our business suffered. We are suffering now.

The three story building is built on hope and they are now bouncing back.

“It is very important that our children are proud of who they are,” Bass said. “If you are African American, be proud of it. Don’t just be proud of it, do something you’re proud of. Enter the history books.

“There are a lot of things inside, but outside they also do a lot.

This land here, they will soon close it and make it a COVID friendly event space. They have a vegan food truck which was donated by Ellen DeGeneres.

Every three years of Thanksgiving, they gave a gift of food.

Lady J runs a magazine and partners with the owners to promote a proud black-owned business.

“This is What Up magazine from Baltimore,” said Lady J. “This is our magazine. The whole thing with me … is trying to make Baltimore a better place. I travel a lot and every time I go somewhere they see me say Baltimore, they hear me say Baltimore, the first thing they say is oh how can you live there? Oh the thread. The whole point is that when people think of us, they think of us differently. We have great stuff and great people here.

A creative space for people from all walks of life to meet and share ideas.

Open and ready for everyone to be a part of the dream.

If you would like to book an event or find out more about the Downtown Cultural Arts Center, call (410) 837-2787.

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