Daniel Darling, deposed NRB spokesperson, to lead Baptist seminary cultural center

Daniel Darling, the former spokesperson for the National Religious Broadcasters, sacked on August 27 for telling evangelicals they should get the COVID-19 vaccine, has a new job.

Darling, 43, will lead the Land Center for Cultural Engagement at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and serve as an assistant professor of faith and culture at Texas Baptist College, the undergraduate school of Southwestern Seminary, announced seminary president Adam Greenway. The schools are located in Fort Worth, Texas.

“The appointment of Dan Darling as head of the Land Center underscores our commitment to providing the best theological education to the men and women who prepare to serve in Southern Baptist Convention churches,” Greenway said in a statement.

“Dan is the right person to elevate the work of Southwestern Seminary in cultural engagement, and in the providence of God, now is the time,” added the seminary leader.

In response, Mr. Darling said, “Our desire is to build at the Land Center for Cultural Engagement a place where Southern Baptists and the wider evangelical movement can both engage in meaningful and thoughtful conversations that help equip Christian leaders and train a new generation. men and women resolutely centered on the Gospel to engage in the world.

Renowned evangelical writer and public thinker, Mr Darling was fired from his NRB post he had held since May 2020, allegedly for insubordination after appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on August 18, approving the COVID vaccination -19. Group chairman Troy Miller later told the Washington Times that Mr Darling was fired after violating a “guideline” to avoid public comment on vaccine acceptance.

Mr Darling had written an August 2 editorial in USA Today supporting vaccinations for evangelicals and others, which the NRB apparently did not oppose.

Mr Miller said he recruited Mr Darling from the Southern Baptist Convention Ethics and Religious Freedom Commission broadcasters group, where Mr Darling had served as the organization’s spokesperson for six years. .

Mr. Darling hosts a popular podcast called “The Way Home” and has written several bestselling books including “The Original Jesus” and “The Dignity Revolution”.

Southwestern’s announcement noted that the Land Center was established in 2007 to honor Richard D. Land, president of the ERLC for 25 years until his retirement in 2013.

“The center focuses on the study and research of ethics, public policies and other cultural and philosophical issues,” the statement noted.

Mr. Land said in a statement, “Dan is well equipped by his calling and experience to continue the mission of challenging Southern Baptists and other believers to engage in culture, to guard against decay. and dispel spiritual darkness. “

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