Conroe again seeks Cultural Arts District designation

The City of Conroe is again seeking designation as a State of Texas Cultural Arts District in the hopes that it will open up opportunities for the community through services, programs, and grants.

Town Center manager Frank Robinson said applying again had been “a long time coming”.

“We’ve made a few attempts in the past and just didn’t get past the goal post,” Robinson said.

According to Robinson, the city retained the services of Brett Hall, a consultant, to help complete the application process and assemble a steering committee. Committee members include Annette Spikes, Susie Pokorski, George Sowers, Amy Sowers, Rebecca McDowell, Joe Viser, Rob and Janese Sokulski, Denton Florian and Larry Foerster.

The city has developed a defined area in the city center which is walkable and is a major requirement of the program. Robinson said the deadline to submit the nomination is June 15 and added that he hopes to know if the city will get the designation by the end of the summer.

“I’m glad you’re continuing this,” Councilwoman Marsha Porter said. “With this designation comes access to many grants that we can definitely use for our Sam Houston School and for the performing arts.”

In July 2020, the Conroe City Council agreed to issue bond certificates for the $4.2 million purchase of Conroe ISD’s Walter P. Jett Continuing Education Center, formerly Sam Houston Elementary School. The intention is to transform the building into a center for the performing arts.

“We have a lot of talent in Montgomery County,” Robinson said, “and most of them are here in Conroe and have been for years.”

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