After COVID Delays, Stewart Indian School Museum and Cultural Center Honored with Ribbon Cutting, Past Speakers | Carson City Nevada News

Prior to the grand entrance of the annual Stewart Father’s Day powwow, a ribbon cutting was held for the official opening of the Stewart Indian School Museum and Cultural Center.

Speakers included honored alumni, former Governor Brian Sandoval, and representatives from Congress, the Nevada Legislature, and the Governor’s Office.

“For the state of Nevada, (the Stewart Indian School) is not a proud story, but it should be an honest story,” Sandoval said.

Past speakers included Aletha Thom of Southern Paiute, Class of 1965 and Ron Lewis of Pima, Class of 1978, who each gave their unique perspective on time spent in school, both negative and positive.

The school leaves a complicated story. In the early days of the school, it was a place of forced assimilation for kidnapped Native children to learn service trades to better serve white residents. But in his later years, many alumni chose to come and learn valuable trades that they say helped improve their lives when some reservations in the west offered grim alternatives.

The museum features stories of both the students who were captured and forced to attend school, as well as the students who chose to come later and take pride in their time at school.

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The Father’s Day powwow will continue through Sunday.

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