a series of half-archs sculpt the cultural center by archtect tracks in france

versatile ballrooms by runway architects

in a green landscape near the town center of moreac, France, the architecture firm des pistes archtectes has created a multi-purpose cultural centre. Within the generous site which provides an exceptional setting for the new complex of village halls, the final structure emerges with its imposing monolithic presence. taking the form of a pink hue concrete mass, the project includes three spacious multipurpose ballrooms that can accommodate up to 750 people, as well as a professional kitchen serving up to 600 meals.all images by tracks architects

reveal its presence in the landscape

The track architects project supported by the municipality aimed to meet the new needs of the rapidly growing city. the versatility of the spaces can accommodate various activities essential to their needs, such as concerts, theater, dances, weddings and other events.

the massive massing of the building consists of two main entities. these two geometric characters mark the interior organization of the spaces and their functions, while the first low volume signifies the entrance to the complex. in the background, a second identity emerges: three staggered volumes rise from east to west. these structures consist of generous and well-lit spaces that offer its users a breathtaking view of the vast greenery. according to the architectsto affirm the presence of the project in the landscape, they opted for a homogeneous and continuous materiality of the building on all the facades, while the pinkish hues were obtained by the pigmentation of hematite iron oxide.

the volumes were carved on their lower part to form a series of half-arcs. with this gesture, the architects sought to accentuate the glazed curtain walls, offering the horizontal bands of the halls extended openings towards the greenery, while being protected from the direct rays of the sun by the high masses of the construction.

a series of half-vaults sculpt a monolithic cultural center in francea series of half-vaults sculpt a monolithic cultural center in france

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